Yes, No, Maybe

Yes, No, Maybe

How to recognise and overcome fear of commitment.

Yes No Maybe

After the extraordinary success of the German bestseller called ‚Jein‘, which deals with the subject of commitment phobia, the English speaking equivalent ‚Yes, No, Maybe‘ is finally published as an eBook. Nearly all human beings want a lasting, happy relationship, but in many cases it just doesn’t work out. Some people seem always to fall in love with the wrong kind of person. With others, the relationship breaks down just when it is becoming closer. And some live with a partner but still feel lonely and isolated. What is going wrong? ‚In the final analysis, fear of commitment is at the bottom of many relationship problems,‘ says the expert on fear of commitment Stefanie Stahl. In vivid case histories, the German psychotherapist shows the many ways in which fear of commitment manifests itself. She explains the typical behavior patterns of those who fear commitment, introducing the ‚hunters,‘ ‚princesses,‘ and ’stonewallers.‘ The famous German psychologist illustrates why fear of commitment is genuine fear, explains possible causes and shows how to overcome it. Anyone who has read this book will know how to recognize people who fear commitment and how to deal with them. A helpful book for those affected and for their partners.

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