Annette Humm

Psychologist, MSc

My journey began in Koblenz, Germany, in 1990, and from there, I embarked on a geographically dynamic upbringing across several regions in Europe. This unique background has accentuated in me a deep appreciation for stable and secure relationships, both with myself and others. I firmly believe that the quality of our relationships shapes the quality of our lives, a belief that drives my personal and professional life as a psychologist.

I have studied psychology in Bochum, Tübingen, Cape Town, and Nairobi. Through my intensive study of attachment theory, inner child work has become my companion. I appreciate working with the inner child as a palpable metaphor for the care of those parts of our personality that were shaped and potentially wounded early on in life. Additionally, I have found a resource-oriented differentiation in Stefanie Stahl’s concepts of the shadow-child and the sun-child. I value this approach, particularly for its balance between taking into account both the injuries but also the treasures (resources) that were given to an individual in their upbringing.

I would love to support you in nurturing a trusting relationship with both your sun-child and your shadow-child. In the present, this work can support you in increasing your trust in yourself and the quality of your relationships with the other important people in your life.

I speak both English and German fluently (both since childhood) and offer psychological counseling in these two languages. Having lived, studied, and worked in a variety of sociocultural contexts, I am particularly skilled in supporting clients in intercultural relationships and transitions.

Humor and playfulness are important ingredients in my life (in which my sun-child can express itself and my shadow-child is simultaneously nurtured)! In my free time, I enjoy motorcycling, rollerblading, eating gelato, hanging out at music gigs, and having a good laugh with a friend.

„The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives” (Esther Perel)


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